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Welcome to Cafe Brazzaville. Rick and Louie are around somewhere.

I am Mercedes. I'll let them know that you have arrived.

In the meanwhile, make yourself comfortable. If you need anything, call me. If you wish to explore, feel free. There is a list of the best places there on your left.


If you are interested, I have some deals for you....

  • An especially nice waterfront homesite in Solomons, MD if you're moving on...
  • A couple of fine small craft if you find yourself in need of a boat...

Anything you desire, just make a sign.

We know you're here on serious business, but never underestimate the value of occasional relaxation and recreation (Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground, and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants off). So look around at some of our diversions.

Of course, of course. Now to the serious matters:

At Brazzaville, we are different. Most product or service purveyors claim that they can provide everything under the sun, but we have more modest resources. Check our COMPLEAT CATALOGUE for a list of our meager Supplies, Services and Capabilities. Perhaps we can furnish something that you need.


Do not leave without sampling the
Nice Photos & Art
that we offer.


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to these humble pages.


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